Aurora Photo Adventure

Please note that this tour do not include SD Card


December – march


19.45 – 23.30 or longer


Abisko Nationalpark


All hotels in Abisko and Björkliden
Embark on a mesmerizing journey with one of Lights Over Lapland’s expert aurora photo guides, offering an exclusive chance to witness and capture the enchanting aurora borealis in scenic locales nestled in and around Abisko National Park.

Renowned for its remarkably clear skies, Abisko stands as a premier destination worldwide. Experiencing the breathtaking northern lights phenomenon. Our tailored experience includes the provision of a high-quality DSLR camera & lens, meticulously preset for optimal aurora photography. Additionally, our knowledgeable guides will impart essential techniques. Equipping you with the necessary skills to locate and immortalize the magical aurora borealis.”

Our Aurora Photo Adventure offers you THREE different ways to see the northern lights: depending upon the weather and aurora forecast we will hunt for the lights on foot at a nearby teepee. Chase the lights in a modern 4×4 van, or ride on a cozy sleigh which is pulled behind a snowmobile. We go to one of our wilderness camps in and around Abisko National Park.

Indulge in an unforgettable evening under the stars, immersing yourself in the rich culture and natural heritage. Throughout this experience, delve into the intricate relationship between locals and nature, unraveling centuries-old cultural interpretations of the mesmerizing northern lights.

With intimate group sizes limited to 8 guests, expect a personalized and authentic journey into the Arctic wilderness, ensuring both safety and comfort. Join us for an insightful exploration that promises to leave you with cherished memories of Lapland’s unique charm and allure.

What makes this tour better than others?

Since its inception in 2012, Lights Over Lapland has been pioneering aurora experiences with our original Nightly Aurora Photo Tour, marking the inception of aurora photography tours in Abisko. Over the past decade, we’ve had the privilege of assisting thousands of delighted guests from across the globe in capturing the mesmerizing northern lights in Abisko National Park.

We later joined forces with Activities In Abisko to introduce our Wilderness Aurora Adventure, offering unparalleled journeys into the Arctic Wilderness surrounding Abisko. Throughout our evolution, we’ve actively sought feedback from our guests to tailor experiences to their preferences, culminating in the creation of a groundbreaking adventure that we believe epitomizes the ultimate northern lights experience in Abisko National Park.

We are proud of the fact that we are fully insured and have all the necessary permits to operate our tours in Abisko National Park, which many of our competitors have simply chosen not to do. We are also incredibly proud of the fact that all of our evening adventures have a maximum guest to guide ratio of 8:1. Keeping a strict limit of eight guests per guide ensures that you will always have lots of access to your guide and that you will never be in a large group of strangers which is a common occurrence when joining chases provided by other operators. This makes the experience much more genuine, and helps us maintain proper social distancing at our locations.

Good to know
  • Our Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventures are strictly limited to 8
    participants per guide – maximizing your ability to spend as much one on
    one time with your guide as possible. We are confident that you will go
    home with lots of great pictures and memories of the Arctic that will
    last a lifetime!


  • If you are a keen photographer who is interested in learning as much
    about photographing the auroras as possible please inform your guide at
    the start of the tour so that they can custom tailor your lesson around
    your specific desires. This will ensure that you go home with lots of
    new skills that you can use in the future!


  • It is important that you bring warm clothes to wear under the
    overalls we provide you and warm insulated winter boots. We have warm clothes for rent and Heavy duty
    arctic boots are available to rent during our tours.


  • We ask that you provide your own SD memory cards to be used in our
    cameras. We recommend a minimum of four gigabytes of storage space. Memory cards are also available for purchase if needed (16 GB: 200 SEK).


  • Minimum age: 10 years old (children under 15 years old will need to share a camera with an adult).


  • Lights Over Lapland’s tours are designed in a way that will
    accommodate as many different levels of physical fitness as possible. We
    usually walk less than one kilometer per direction to and from our many
    locations in Abisko National Park. It is common to walk in snow and in cold conditions during our tours. If you have any physical limitations please inform us when you make a booking so we can discuss your needs ahead of time.
What is included?
  • Rental of camera, tripod, backpack and head lamp.
  • Warm drink and small snack.
  • Guiding services and a minimum of 3 hours of searching for and photographing the aurora in and around Abisko National Park.
  • Pick up from any hotel in Abisko or Björkliden.
Pick up information

Round trip transfer from all hotels in Abisko and Björkliden is included for no additional charge.

Pick up times

All hotels in Abisko: 7:30-7:45 PM (please be in the lobby of your hotel by 7:30 PM)
All hotels in Björkliden: 7:15 PM

Do I have to be a photographer to enjoy this?

We have had countless guests join us who were not photographers over the years and we are happy to say that they have all gone home very happy!

While our Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure includes camera gear, this trip are not specifically designed for photographers – we simply include camera gear as we believe that the best souvenir of the northern lights is a photograph of the display that you witness during our trip.

While our guides will be happy to help you capture beautiful photographs, their main focus is to make sure that you see the lights and that you enjoy every moment of your trip. We are confident that you will enjoy our trip even if you have no interest in photography!


Lights Over Lapland and Activities in Abisko have more than 15 locations to choose from including teepees, yurts, wilderness cabins and many more! Most of the other operators in the area have one or two
locations and we are proud of the fact that we have access to more beautiful locations than all of our competitors combined!

Each night, before the start of your aurora adventure our team of professionals will analyze weather patterns and aurora activity and make a plan for the evening’s adventure based on real time information. If the weather in Abisko looks promising we will either walk to one of our teepees near the STF Abisko Turiststation or hop on a beautiful sleigh which is pulled behind a snowmobile by one of our professional wilderness guides.

If the weather looks more promising further afield we will jump in one of our 4×4 vans and drive up to 100 KM towards Norway or Kiruna in order to find a clear sky.

SEK 1495/person

Have a question?

We are available between 9:00 and 18:00 local time. Feel free to reach us out. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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